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Face muck
Girl From Winter Jargon

Hello earth. Girl from Winter Jargon is a solo / collaborative musical project from Durham, UK - inspired by alternative rock musical genres.
Girl From Winter Jargon in a live context currently consists of female vocals with stand-alone electric guitar, sometimes incorporating delay and Ebow usage with live looping layers and strange, spooky guitar noises.
A number of Girl From Winter Jargon gigs have been recorded live by the nice people at Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms - Durham's music rehearsal space and recording studios.
These have been uploaded and are available as free music downloads @ (Bandcamp).
Girl From Winter Jargon live recordings can also be found elsewhere online @ Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Alonetone and on a free Podcast.
Girl From Winter Jargon related videos can be viewed on the Girl From Winter Jargon YouTube Channel, news updates @ and status posts on Twitter and that other user-unfriendly, bafflingly popular social network which everyone seems to love so much.
Last of all, watch here to your heart's content - all the deformed little snowflakes...